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MSM has emerged from a 2-year journalism-coma with a 'sudden interest' in the Biden Crime Family

April 7, 2022: "CBS News has learned that more than 150 transactions involving either Hunter or James Biden's global business affairs were flagged for further review by U.S. banks. Catherine Herridge spoke with a top Republican senator [Chuck Grassley] who's investigating the 'business' dealings."

Mainstream Media (MSM) has suddenly emerged with a surprising interest in covering the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal. One thing is certain - this newfound interest from MSM has absolutely nothing to do with journalistic integrity or curiosity. It does, however, have something to with the bigger picture for the DNC Party - a bigger picture that clearly does not include Joe Biden and his dysfunctional crime family.

Once Joe Biden is tossed aside by the DNC "political cannibals", the million-dollar question will be: "Who is next in line to lead the DNC Marxist Party?"


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