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MSM is desperate as they push the fake "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" narrative (watch video)

July 24, 2021: Mainstream media (MSM) is at it again. Over recent years we have all come to expect mainstream media networks to "coordinate" their news coverage in one amazing "symphony" of lies and misrepresentations. It is as though each media network receives an early morning memo from some all omnipotent source - a script to speak about the most recent "hoax-of-the-month" in perfectly coordinated verse. We saw this with the two failed attempts to impeach President Trump. We saw it with the theft of the 2020 US election. We saw it with the Jan 6 Insurrection Deep State hoax. We see it with the nauseating "coverage" of the floundering fraud and failure Joe Biden. We see it with the constant forceful push of an experimental Covid vaccine. It is an unending drumbeat of fake news and non-existent critical analysis.

Look no further for the latest attempt by mainstream media to sow a false narrative, all perfectly scripted but also perfectly unbelievable. One only has to do the most basic research to uncover the fact that hundreds of thousands of adverse vaccine reactions have inflicted those who have chosen to take the experimental Covid vaccine. VAERS (the official government database tasked with tracking adverse reactions to vaccines) is revealing serious adverse reactions to the experimental Covid vaccine. As of July 9, VAERS indicated 463,456 adverse reactions including almost 11,000 deaths (this is in the US alone). We have seen the same troubling pattern of adverse Covid vaccine reactions around the world (from Israel to the UK to Canada). Media and public health officials are neglecting to address this glaring reality that is lurking behind the Covid vaccine in massive scale around the world.

What is the lesson and the point to be made? Never listen to mainstream media. More specifically and based on the current fake news cycle, completely reject the coordinated MSM narrative pushing the fake and insulting "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" narrative. This is the media's desperate attempt to scare and coerce those who have elected to stay away from a dangerous experimental vaccine. It is the same old MSM spin game and it is yet another shameful display of media trickery, coercion, and manipulation.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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