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Nancy & Paul Pelosi - Profiting from Political Privilege, Insider Deals & Corrupt Cronyism (video)

October 11, 2021: A conspicuous trail of "profitable coincidences" has been the hallmark of Nancy Pelosi (US Speaker of the House of Representatives) and her husband Paul Pelosi.

Jesse Watters and Peter Schweizer provide an alarming commentary on the strikingly "fortunate" investments made by the Pelosi's over recent decades. Unbelievable market timing in the markets have included investments into and out of stocks like Visa, Microsoft, Tesla, and Google to name a few million dollar bonanzas based on "perfectly impeccable" timing. Conspicuous early access to IPO opportunities have also been characteristic of the Pelosi's special ability to profit in the equity markets based on unique and early access to information and entry. Similarly, the Pelosi's have exploited ideal and "preferred" access to real estate investment opportunities including light railway developments that played perfectly into the Pelosi's personal real estate decisions.

None of these are coincidences or brilliance in investment strategy. This perfect stream of profit is the result of political privilege, dirty "back-door" deals, and corrupt cronyism at its worse. The Pelosi's are poster children for the privilege and wealth that defines the ruling elite and global Uniparty "beneficiaries". When you think of the privilege global elites and Uniparty tyrants, think no further than the Pelosi family crime cartel and their abuse of access and power.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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