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NIH, HHS & FDA exploited an "Entity of Excitement" to force Universal Vaccination by design (video)

Video Link (above): Anthony Fauci & the HHS exploit an "Entity of Excitement" to force Universal Vaccination "by design"

December 5, 2021: Way back in October of 2019, Anthony Fauci (NIAID Director) & Rick Bright (HHS BARDA Director) openly discussed their diabolical plans to use Gain-of-Function "outcomes" & "entities of excitement" to intentionally "disrupt" and "blow up" the US and global health care system. The discussion was captured on C-SPAN video during the Milken Institute "Future of Health Summit" featuring all of the usual Covid Cartel actors / criminals (most notably Anthony Fauci, Rick Bright, and Margaret Hamburg).

Video Link: Fauci & Bright discuss their plans to "blow up the health care system" and force the "conditions for universal vaccination" during a Milken Institute panel (October 2019)

The full C-SPAN video of the Milken Institute "Future of Health" panel is provided below. As you watch this video footage note the arrogance, the scheming, and the shameful disregard for the lives and autonomy of human beings. Pay particularly close attention to the devious objective of forcing a universal vaccine (aided by Big Pharma and National and International Health Authorities) by engineering and releasing an "entity of excitement" in order to produce a "surprise outbreak". It is clear that the Covid conditions we see today are the product of years of scheming and execution by agencies like NIH, NIAID, HHS, FDA and supported (profitably) by big pharma and other "winners" from the "Covid Industrial Complex".

Video Link (full event): The technological prospects of an effective universal flu vaccine - Milken Institute, C-SPAN

In the end, nefarious actors (criminals) like Anthony Fauci, Rick Bright, Margaret Hamburg, and Peter Daszak have been conspiring and "encouraging the release" of life-threatening virus's via gain-of-function research and the political and commercialized theater of "entities of excitement" and consequential universal forced vaccinations.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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