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NSW Australia Covid Update: "141 people in hospital with Covid, all but 1 were fully vaccinated"

July 25, 2021: In a recent NSW (Australia) Covid update, the latest NSW Ministry of Health data reveals a shocking reality about those hospitalized with Covid. All but one patient was fully vaccinated and the other patient had a single dose of the Covid vaccine. In other words, all 141 hospitalized Covid patients were vaccinated (140 fully, 1 partially). The breakdown of the NSW Channel 9 News alert is provided below:

- 141 people in hospital with Covid

- 43 of which are in intensive care

- 18 of which require ventilation

- 60 of which are under the age of 55

- 28 of which are under the age of 35

- 140 were fully vaccinated, 1 had only received a single dose of vaccine

The recent NSW data we are seeing out of Australia is consistent with Covid hospitalization trends occurring in other parts of the world (consider the unsettling data emerging out of Israel, the UK, and Canada for example).


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