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Official SOS from Australia - the rest of the world must not remain silent to this tyranny

November 4, 2021: The situation in Australia is dire. The tyrants running Australia are vicious and ruthless. Our Australian brothers and sisters are literally fighting for their lives and their freedom but to no avail.

The rest of the free world can no longer stand by and watch this vicious tyranny overwhelm the good people of Australia. We are long past due to step up and demand that our most senior elected officials and bureaucrats do something, anything, to apply real pressure against the political deviants and psychopaths ruling over the Australian citizenry with such authoritarian force, intimidation, and violence.

This is a desperate call-to-action: Please immediately contact your local elected officials and demand that national action be taken against the brutal political thugs (starting with Scott Morrison) responsible for the tyranny taking hold in Australia against the will of their good people. All politicians at all levels of government around the world must own the human crisis taking place in Australia all in plain sight.

This is a time for human conscience, compassion, and action. Demand immediate action from your elected officials.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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