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Oh Canada! .. Where is your collective Backbone and Common Sense?

May 2, 2021: After more than a year of excessive Covid public health restrictions, Canada's national "framework & history" appear to be breaking at the seams. As a nation, the citizens of Canada are known for passive obedience and excessive tolerance at the hands of their government and bureaucratic authorities. In the past and under responsible leadership and ethical governance, the amicable and obedient ways of Canadians served the nation well.

Unfortunately, in these times of anti-Canadian political tyranny from treasonous "global lapdogs" like Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford, Canadians are witnessing the forfeiture of their heritage and individual civil rights to satisfy the greedy interests of those who control a larger global agenda. Canadian political leaders have clearly shown an allegiance to these global power brokers. Indeed, every single action made by Canadian political leaders these days reflect the sole interests of non-Canadians and the world's ruling elite. It is obvious that Canadians are being effectively played by treasonous political "leaders" and have taken the disappointing appearance of a society that is living up to the "frogs-in-a-slow-boil" metaphor.

Fortunately, there are a handful of informed and action-oriented Canadians sounding the alarm in an effort to awaken their citizens who appear to be in a trance of intellectual paralysis and crippling blind faith. Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics offers exceptional daily insights into a wide array of issues within Canada and abroad. The link provided below is fully attributed to Armstrong Economics and serves to highlight the theme of this brief EA article. The 3-minute video can be accessed through the link below and should serve as a bold and unapologetic wake-up call to Canadians as their society and nation are being subjected to a tyrannical and engineered "slow-boil" - its time for Canadians to jump out of that pot of water before its too late. Canadians are in desperate need of intellectual, courageous, and patriotic leaders to fight back against those who are aggressively attempting to steal their history and their future under the "cloak & dagger" of feigned compassion for bogus progressive and globalist causes.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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