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Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his 'Covid Thugs' continue to apply communist tactics

May 13, 2021: Ontario Premier Doug Ford, not to be outdone by a nauseating Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, continues to force excessive restrictions and fines against the residents of his province who fall even slightly beyond the bounds of his communist brand of governance. Ontario is the largest Canadian province and is the largest hub for finance, commerce, and manufacturing in Canada. Ontario's failed Premier Doug Ford is doing everything in his power to destroy Ontario in every conceivable way - residents of this province are now fully aware that this political pig (Doug Ford) has nothing but bad intentions in mind as communist-style tactics have become his weapon of choice to use against his own residents.

Unfortunately, the fact pattern throughout Canada illustrates a noxious infestation of communist style authoritarianism applied at the provincial level; it is a pattern that is perfectly consistent with Trudeau's arrogant brand of communism imposed at the national level. The brief video for this article (source: The Toronto Sun - May 12, 2021) offers an interesting anecdotal lens into the unethical methods being used by the political pig governing the province of Ontario. There is no room to mince words: Canada, at the national and provincial levels, is under a full frontal assault by 'bush league' communists disguised as 'compassionate and caring progressives'. Premier Doug Ford is arguably the biggest communist pig in the country - literally and figuratively. EA will do its part to ensure the rest of the world is aware of Doug Ford's filthy communist tactics and his participation in the global Covid crime against humanity.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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