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Open VAERS as of October 15: Does this look like a "picture" of vaccine efficacy & safety?

October 23, 2021: The Open Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (Open VAERS) is the US official voluntary reporting system (launched in 1990) used to track vaccine related injuries. The VAERS database is estimated to track roughly 1% of all actual vaccine related injuries. (Source: The Lazarus Report - Harvard Pilgrim Health Care)

If VAERS reflects anything, it reflects an alarming rate of mRNA adverse reactions (across every key metric) both in absolute terms and in relative year-to-year terms. These VAERS statistics do not support any "suggestion" of vaccine safety and efficacy - the VAERS statistics tell a horrible story that will get worse if the current trajectory is not addressed.

Politicians, Public Health Officials, and Mainstream Media should all be held to account for their deceptive omission of VAERS data as they spin their Covid respective narratives. Common people deserve a transparent explanation of the nightmare unfolding within the VAERS database.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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