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Our children are bearing the brunt of corrupt politicians, public health officials & school boards

April 23, 2021: Where are the caring and protective parents in this world? Where are the real men during this crisis? It is bad enough that that scoundrels in politics, media, and public health have lied about virtually every aspect of the Covid virus and the excessive and unending public health policies that came with this nasty flu bug. It is also bad enough that a pathetic underbelly of modern society has been exposed for all to see. But what might be most disgraceful in all of this is the fact that parents have capitulated so easily and allowed the ‘system’ around us to ‘kidnap’ our children (figuratively speaking for the time being).

I will be unapologetically bold in my comments on this topic. Parents who have acquiesced and ‘handed over’ the rearing of their children to toxic cultural channels like academia, social media, mainstream media, Hollywood, and professional sports are a disgrace. Similarly, parents who hand over health and medical decisions relating to their children with ‘blind obedience’ and reckless trust in stakeholders who are notorious for lying and deceiving are a disgraceful example of parenting. Given the recent track record of politicians, public health authorities, media, academia, and Hollywood, it is far beyond my understanding how any parent who cares for their children could ever allow these conspicuous actors to ‘adopt’ the primary responsibility of caring for children in America and around the world. This situation is a disgrace to any parent who has failed to openly challenge everything ‘bad’ that is being forced on our children.

My fury over the apathetic and lethargic response by parents to the cultural thugs of society (politicians, public health authorities, school boards, media, corporate America, and so on), is a theme that traverses many categories. The indoctrination of socialist and communist dogma through racist frameworks like Critical Race Theory (CRT) is unacceptable. Why are parents standing around allowing their children’s schools and teachers to poison the minds of their children? The indoctrination of progressive ideology that comes with socialist movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM) is unacceptable. Why are parents allowing schools and teachers to encourage their children to 'evaluate' themselves and others based on skin color? Sex Education and Sexual Orientation is another topic of parental responsibility that belongs at home not at school – teachers and schools that meddle in this area should be considered unacceptable and off-limit. Why are parents allowing academia, social media, and Hollywood to hyper-accelerate and interfere with their children’s private decisions regarding sexual activity and sexual preference?

Since Covid was ‘introduced’ to the planet more than a year ago (thanks to the CCP and Anthony Fauci's gain-of-function financial sponsorship!), the level of intrusion into the lives of our children (by the public sector) has soared to an unimaginable level. We have been subjected to the fierce and unrelenting imposition of social distancing, mask-wearing, and lockdowns of our children for more than a year. Not only has the over-all health of our children been negatively affected by these ridiculous and unending public health policies, but the ‘social gain’ from shutting down the lives of our children has done nothing to change the trajectory of Covid and its inevitable spread through society. So, whether we are talking about the poison associated with CRT and BLM or Covid health policy ‘fascism’, parents of the world have done nothing to stop a systematic attack on their children (physically, psychologically, and emotionally). On average, parents have demonstrated zero courage and have cooperatively forfeited the rearing of their children to a collection of the most dishonest actors and miscreants in society. ‘Uninvolved’ parents should be ashamed of what they are doing to their children. This is a brash statement, but it has been earned by all overly submissive and disengaged parents in society.

Now for some better news. We have been observing more and more examples of parents who are finally fed up with the Covid health policy con job being foisted on parents and children around the world. This article was partially inspired by an April 22 ‘Daily Caller’ video that captured a young Georgian mom (named Courtney Taylor) who challenged her child’s school board and their ridiculous mask-wearing policies. How any father can watch this video and not be compelled to protect their children (and the mothers of their children) from what has clearly become abuse of authority and a perpetual psychological head-game is beyond me. What ‘real’ man could ever allow this attack (and, yes, this is an attack) to take place on their children and the mothers of their children at the hands of arrogant and abusive public health officials and schoolboard thugs?

As you watch the video link provided below, consider a few things. Consider the torment that the mother is going through. Consider the pain that children (perhaps your own) are going through. Consider the environment your children are being 'sentenced' to – sterile classrooms, fiberglass learning cages, excessive socially-distanced non-interactive learning environments, learning ‘through’ a cloth mask, and a learning environment that asserts an omni-present sense of fear for our children. This is no way to learn, and it is no way to treat our children – it is an abomination to all educational principles and practices.

Now ask yourself, what exactly are you doing about all of this? Have you addressed this unacceptable situation with your children’s school boards and teachers? Have you addressed this situation with your municipal elected officials? Or have you simply acquiesced and handed over the child-rearing responsibilities to unhinged strangers and progressive socialist ideologues? It is time to ask yourself these kinds of questions and to act on your answers with an entirely new sense of urgency and resolve. It is time for responsible parents to come out of hiding and do something to protect their children from the rogue elements of society – rogue elements that are running wild and destroying the formative and precious years of our children. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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