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Our Humble EA Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is and always will be thought of as a tower of strength and an endless source of wisdom. Rush has inspired and endeared himself to more than 100 million people in the United States and around the world. His form is one that is made of the rarest combination of wisdom, knowledge, leadership, guidance, conviction, energy, passion, kindness, and respect – and it is a form that only got better with time. Anyone who knows Rush, either directly or indirectly, will understand that any attempt to describe his virtues and impact will always fall short of being complete.

Perhaps the greatest testament to Rush Limbaugh is not just measured in terms of the scale and reach of his impact but, more importantly, the nature and intrinsic intensity of his impact. There is no denying that there has ever been a more prominent conservative radio/tv personality and author as measured by his number of infinitely loyal followers and their geographic reach. However, what makes Rush even more exceptional and rare, is his innate ability to resonate with his audience in ways that translated into a most trustworthy and intimate form of teaching and guidance. His patience, caring and interest for his devout followers is unlike anything we have ever seen from anyone else. His ability to simplify an otherwise incredibly complex world was second to none. His ability to take the darkest of world events and create rays of light and a positive forward-looking direction is unparalleled.

We have all suffered an incredible loss today. The idea that Rush can be replaced by another person is a futile consideration. Fortunately for all of us, Rush has groomed millions of his loyal followers to carry on with his massive torch of patriotism, wisdom, love of liberty and displays of goodness. It will take a community of millions to remotely offset this great loss but the greatest form of respect and love for this incredible man will be expressed in our unwavering collective commitment to carry on his fight for our conservative traditions and love of freedom. Rush will shine down that magnanimous smile on all of us from heaven with immeasurable delight and pride as we carry forward with his lifelong mission. Rush was and always will be a beacon and symbol of courage for good men and women and true patriots from the US and around the world.


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