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Our World in Data: Global Data (by Country) on Essential Covid-19 Metrics

August 26, 2021: If you are interested in applying your own analysis of Covid using a wide array of important metrics, the "Our World in Data" database is user-friendly, well stratified, and "reasonably" reliable. The site is particularly valuable if you find it necessary to validate statistics that are cited by questionable mainstream media networks, publications, politicians, and public health experts.

The Our World in Data database allows you to track as many or as few countries as you like. It also permits historical data that can be captured in trend lines and / or tables.

Offered below is the website link plus several sample customized charts that were generated with a simple few keystrokes. As always, it is important to vet and compare these data sources given that many of them are funded (in part) by elements of the Covid Industrial Complex. Treat the validity of all data with an appropriate degree of caution and discretion.

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