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Patriotic & Courageous Mom Tatiana Ibrahim: Teachers are guilty of "treason against our children"

June 5, 2021: Caring mom and courageous patriot takes on an arrogant school board. Tatiana Ibrahim provides the blueprint for all other parents to follow in challenging the anti-American, racist, anti-police, and degenerative Marxist dogma associated with CRT curriculum and the teachers who are guilty of exposing our children to this poison.

In this 11-minute video, take note of the strength, courage, and preparation shown by Ms. Ibrahim. Also notice how these corrupt school board trustees attempt to silence courageous patriots like Ms. Ibrahim using their false sense of power and authority. The techniques used by this corrupt and compromised school board attempted to use arrogance, shaming, false authority, and textbook socialist tactics to silence Ms. Ibrahim. Nevertheless, the school board's arrogant techniques failed and Ms. Ibrahim exposed this school board and the teachers associated with it.

All parents across the nation and around the world must rise to the level of Tatiana Ibrahim and expose the filth running our school system and its choice of corrosive and damaging CRT curriculum. It is time for all parents to actively and visibly protect their children. Attacking this anti-American CRT scourge against our children is best accomplished by exposing these rogue school boards and their trustees publicly and repeatedly.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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