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PBD Podcast: Biden Loses Donors, Protestors Burn American Flags & Trump's VP Predictions (with Time Stamps)

PBD Podcast | Ep. 435 | July 9, 2024

Patrick Bet-David, Vincent Oshana, Tom Ellsworth, and Adam Sosnick discuss mega donors Reed Hastings and Ari Emmanuel bailing on Biden, Pro-Palestinian protestors burning the American flag during a July 4th parade, Trump's possible VP picks, and Novak Djokovic's epic shut down of protestors at Wimbledon.

00:00 - PBD Show intro

01:37 - Patrick previews the stories coming up on the podcast.

05:44 - Patrick announces the next 5990 Live Event - "Reagan" Movie Screening & Live podcast w/ Dennis Quaid on Friday, August 2nd:

08:19 - Trump’s VP search comes down to its final days.

21:23 - People are feeling stuck in their jobs and bosses are starting to worry.

32:11 - Nearly half of Americans skipping summer vacation due to flight costs.

49:23 - Billionaires bailing on Biden: Barry Diller, Christy Walton, Reed Hastings urge Biden to drop out.

1:02:54 - 5 predictions about the future from Google Futurist.

1:17:20 - Novak Djokovic reacts to fans at Wimbledon who boo him during match.

1:26:00 - Patriot Front marches through downtown Nashville, clashes with Proud Boys. 1:35:40 - Pro-Palestine protesters burn American Flag on 4th of July


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