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Pete Buttigieg: The archetype of the Biden regime and a failed political party (video)

Pete Buttigieg: The archetype of the Biden regime

February 23, 2023

Archetype [ahr-ki-tahyp], noun: the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.

If there is one thing all Americans now know about transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, it is that he is massively, moronically incompetent but thinks he is the smartest, most impressive person on the planet. As Victor Davis Hanson has noted, he is "the epitome of the empty résumé class." He had no qualifications for the job beyond the fact that he ticks a couple of identity politics boxes, he's gay and proud of it, and he's a mind-numbed leftist. He is therefore, the perfect book cover for the Biden Cabinet catalogue.

Like Biden and the rest of his Cabinet, Buttigieg was hired for all the wrong reasons and is thoroughly incompetent for the job he holds. Chosen for reasons other than expertise or competence, it explains the utter failure of the Biden regime on every issue that matters: national and border security, health and safety, military readiness, food and energy security, inflation, economic management, and dangerous involvement in a foreign war that may well lead to WWIII. Perhaps that is the goal, given this regime's failure on every front. Distraction from our $31T in debt? Distraction from the fact that the mandated vaccines are killing young people at a 40% excess mortality rate? Distraction from the open border that has ushered into the country five million unvetted migrants and tons of fentanyl that is killing 100K people a year? All of the above?

Nothing has pointed up Biden's and Buttigieg's ineptitude more than their lack of a response to the cataclysmic disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. The citizens of that town have been rendered "useless eaters," as Klaus Schwab's partner in crimes Yuval Harari has described the people he views as disposable. The folks in East Palestine probably voted for Trump, so they are not worth saving or helping. They have been left to breathe cancer-causing contaminated air and drink and shower with seriously tainted water, and they were told by their governor that all is safe. It's not. It is very likely that the soil and water will not be safe for decades to come.

But Biden is still in Europe, doling out American taxpayer cash to Ukrainians, a nation in which the U.S. has no national interest whatsoever. Biden's allegiance to Ukraine is all about payback for the millions of dollars that nation has funneled to the Biden family. Humbling himself before China is also payback for the millions the Biden family received from that country. The Trump-haters who stole the election put a Ukraine/China tool in the Oval Office, and all of America is suffering for their crime, as are the Ukrainian and Russian people. Biden and his fellow war-mongers do not care any more for those war-torn civilians than they do the American people, least of all those in East Palestine, Ohio. Buttigieg as like an annoying, narcissistic character in literature. Uriah Heep, from Dickens's Great Expectations, comes to mind: self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, arrogant, and skilled at nothing, least of all the job he holds. He enjoys the perks of his job — months off work for "maternity" leave and free flights to sports games in Europe, for example. He's a classic hypocrite who believes that his position accords him special privileges. He drives his SUV to work, hides it, and rides his bike for a hundred yards. Perhaps the reason he has not shown up in East Palestine is because he is an abject coward; he knows that the air is toxic and is scared of it. When asked about the derailment, he quickly and stupidly blames the Trump administration. Blaming Trump is the Biden administration's fallback position on anything that goes wrong. No one is buying it. They are all like a child who, with cookie crumbs on his face, blames his sibling for eating the cookie.

Everything the Biden administration has done has been a disaster of epic proportions, beginning with his cancelation of the Keystone Pipeline and moving on to his ill fated withdrawal from Afghanistan, his fomenting the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and now the failure to address the worst environmental accident in U.S. history. The man is obviously suffering from cognitive decline, so his appearances in Europe and elsewhere are almost always an embarrassment to the U.S. His speech is generally slurred, his reading of his speeches halting, angry, and somewhat demented. The man is not mentally sound.

Buttigieg is just a garden-variety narcissist who believes he is important, a man of substance, when he is neither. This president and his Cabinet of inept wokesters have been a tragedy for America.

Source: American Thinker


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