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Photo of NYC Skyline on Good Friday 1956 Shows How Much the US Has Changed

Photo of NYC Skyline on Good Friday 1956 Shows How Much the US Has Changed

By: Johnathan Jones, The Western Journal

April 8, 2023: An image of skyscrapers with windows illuminated in the shape of a cross to commemorate Good Friday in 1956 is making the rounds on social media and reminding people the U.S. once largely embraced the faith — even in New York City.

Sixty-seven years later, no such display is expected in the country’s most populous city.

An archive of the now-defunct California newspaper the Oxnard Press-Courier shows the image was used by the outlet in its Saturday, March 31, 1956, edition. The image was accompanied by a simple headline: “COME TO CHURCH SUNDAY.” The Press-Courier dedicated the entire page to when and where people of any denomination could attend an Easter service.

Many Twitter users who came across the image of 1950s Manhattan commemorating the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary lamented the current state of the country.

“How far we have fallen,” one user commented.

Others struck a more hopeful note. “It’s not too late to go back,” one said.

One account noted that One World Trade Center recently lit up its spire with the color pink to show support for abortion.

But the Empire State Building did commemorate the Resurrection as recently as 2018.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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