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Pierre Poilievre: "Trudeau has created a new emergency - his motivation is to divide & conquer"

February 20, 2022: Pierre Poilievre delivered a powerful speech regarding the nefarious agenda and authoritarian tactics used by Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, and the Liberal Fascist Party. Every Canadian would be well advised to closely watch this 15-minute address and to share it widely.

The warning to all Canadians is clear. Trudeau's unjustifiable enactment of the Emergencies Act is a crime against all Canadians and a barrier to anyone hoping to challenge Trudeau's current and planned abuse of authority. Make no mistake, Trudeau and Freeland are working on their plans to make governance by the Emergencies Act a permanent form of authoritarian control over Canadians and their unalienable rights and freedoms.

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