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Podcaster Dave Smith: "Anyone who supports Trudeau's measures is a fascist, by definition"

February 20, 2022: In a two-minute statement, podcaster Dave Smith perfectly captures the tyranny of Justin Trudeau and the gravity of anyone who still supports the authoritarian tactics of Canada's rogue and failed Prime Minister.

"The idea that anyone would not be terrified that a government would invoke this power [Emergenies Act], I mean .. talk about learning no lessons from history. Anyone who supports this is a fascist, literally and by definition."

(Podcaster Dave Smith - February 19, 2022)

Author Douglass Murray also provides powerful insights into feckless yet authoritarian "young leaders" around the world. It has never been more clear that Trudeau has been completely indoctrinated by WEF and DAVOS power brokers and elitists and has absolutely no interest in the well-being of Canadians.


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