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Political Cartoon: Canada Vs Covid .. Vs the Federal Deficit

Canadians will need to brace themselves for the next big battle as their billowing federal deficit dwarfs any challenges caused by the Covid crisis. As Canada's political lightweights shadow-box with Covid and mime their way through excessive and wasteful public health policy responses, a gargantuan heavyweight (the federal deficit) is lurking in the shadows, ready to go toe-to-toe. Canadians will soon learn that the wild mismanagement of its federal deficit will be a hangover inherited by its younger generations. In time, expect the news cycles to pivot away from Covid and into the inevitable consequences of a towering deficit. This generational gift from the current set of Canadian political weaklings will produce many serious crises including: plummeting national savings and real income levels, hyper-inflation leading to massive tax hikes and public spending cuts, full-spectrum market instability and collapse, and greater risk of fiscal management "impossibilities". EA is committed to stay in front of these inevitable story lines by leveraging worldwide experiences and trends. For now, take this political cartoon to heart as it is creative but representative expression of what is about to come our way. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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