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Polls show majority of Frontline Health Care Experts are Concerned about Covid Vaccine Safety

Mar 15, 2021: Before racing off to be injected with a Covid vaccine, EA has been encouraging our readers to do their research, seek direct advice from a trusted GP, and to exercise common sense and a healthy living style while navigating through these times and challenging decisions. Similarly, we have advised our readers to be cautious about blindly trusting politicians (like Joe Biden), fake mainstream media (like CNN and Fox), and lifelong health bureaucrats (like Anthony Fauci). These “insistent” politicians, media networks, and profiteering health bureaucrats have been running around with a Covid “bible” in their hands and shaming anyone in society who dares to question the efficacy of a vaccine that (technically speaking) remains in an experimental phase of development and refinement. EA considers the credibility of most politicians, media, and public health authorities to be as close to zero as is possible so blind faith in their Covid advice is not exactly advisable. On February 24, EA published an extensive article and checklist outlining critical information and best practices relating to Covid-19 and Public Health Policy. (refer to Today’s EA article reviews the confidence (or more aptly put, lack of confidence) that front line health care workers have regarding the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines.

Drawing from the fine work of Lawrence Solomon (The Epoch Times - Lawrence Solomon; March 11, 2021), we highlight recent polling data from frontline health care workers and first responders in the Unites States and internationally. At a minimum, there is significant cause for concern when massive percentages of our frontline health care experts refuse to be Covid-19 vaccinated. It should also go without saying that the opinions of our health care professionals, first responders and general medical care experts are far more valid and credible than those coming from notoriously untrustworthy and perpetually dishonest politicians, media, and international public health officials. Consider the following polling data from various health care segments and ask yourself if this should be raising any red flags:

- In a January 2021 analysis by Gallup, 51% of US health care workers and first responders polled in December were unconvinced about the merits of getting vaccinated (even if the vaccine being offered “was free, available, FDA approved and deemed 90% effective”)

- According to the same January 2021 Gallop Poll, those US health care professionals at highest risk of exposure to Covid-19 (the group known as the National Academies of Engineering, Science and Medicine “Tier 1A Workers”) were identified as the most likely health care professionals to refuse vaccination (34% of “Tier 1A Workers” would decline vaccination)

- According to the LA Times, in California, over half of Tehama County’s hospital workers refused the vaccine (an estimated 50% of frontline workers in Riverside County and 40% in LA County refused the Covid vaccine)

- In Georgia, according to an estimate in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, only 30% of health care workers have been inoculated

- In Ohio, Governor DeWine and state officials reported that 60% of nursing-home workers refused the vaccine (as of February 2021)

- In Texas, the Texas Tribune reported that fewer than 40% of skilled nursing facilities staff took the Covid-19 vaccine (as of February 2021)

- On March 2, Reuters reported that less than 50% of the nursing staff in Switzerland’s medical sector, only 30% of the staff at Germany’s BeneVit Group care-home operator, and 50% of the health workers in French care homes were willing to be vaccinated

- The Wall Street Journal recently reported that, to avoid getting vaccinated, over half of the health professionals scheduled in the German state of Saarland failed to show up for their vaccine appointment

- On March 3, PBS reported that since “India started administering the second vaccine dose two weeks ago, half of the frontline workers and nearly 40% of expert health care workers have not shown up for vaccination”

- In Canada, CTV provided an anecdotal report showing that many long-term-care workers in Montreal are “flat-out refusing” to be inoculated

The purpose of this data is to remind everyone that not everyone is comfortable with the “promises & reassurances” being peddled by discredited politicians, media, and national/global health officials. The pressing question should be, “Why are such large numbers of frontline health care workers and first responders declining Covid vaccines and why are public health advisers and media intentionally covering up these front-line concerns?”.

We know this much. In the US and around the world, most frontline health experts are skeptical. Reports around the world reveal many frontline workers are aware of a striking pattern regarding those who fall sick or die after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine. In Norway, official reporting shows that 23 nursing-home deaths have occurred immediately following Covid vaccination. In Israel, hundreds of hospitalizations have occurred immediately following Covid vaccination. Another disconcerting trend has seen frontline workers around the world suffering from vaccinations. Reuters February Report titled “AstraZeneca Vaccine Faces Resistance in Europe After Health Workers Suffer Side-Effects”, highlighted the adverse vaccine effects hitting health care workers (resulting in large numbers of frontline workers being unable to work and forcing hospitals to scramble to maintain services). In Sweden, two of the country’s twenty-one health care regions were forced to pause vaccination efforts because 25% of the staff that was vaccinated suffered from severe fever and “flu-like” symptoms. In Austria, inoculations with a batch of vaccines were suspended after one vaccinated nurse died and another required hospitalization. (The Epoch Times - Lawrence Solomon; March 11, 2021)

Despite the wave of undeniably negative frontline occurrences, glib and vague reassurances have been tossed around by the usual suspects (vaccine manufacturers, media, politicians, public health authorities, and elder care operators). Not surprisingly and true to form, a glut of insultingly deceitful “public education” campaigns has been launched and propagandized around the world (consider examples like endless public ad campaigns and industry advocacy groups like the Partnership for Medicaid Home-Based Care pushing “Be Wise, Immunize” social suasion and shaming campaigns). Of course, media and social media have been urged to pile on and be more vigilant in policing/punishing those who dare to question the safety and efficacy of rushing global Covid vaccination. Regardless of the efforts of the public health care propaganda machine, Gallup reports the effects of the mis/dis-information campaigns to be marginal: “The limited COVID-19 vaccine acceptance rates among all occupation groups show little movement since November 2020.”. (Bannon War Room – Steve Bannon; March 15, 2021)

It is safe to assume that a large portion of the world’s population (regardless of age, gender, religion, occupation, or nationality), remain skeptical about the forceful efforts of our politicians, media, and public health officials to “stick a needle in our arm” when so much evidence (and common-sense) raises a legitimate cause for concern. The fact that politicians, media, and public health officials demand that we resist our well-founded concerns and healthy skepticism should a major concern for everyone. All people should demand more information from those who clearly stand to profit from executing and enforcing a universal vaccination program – and, at a minimum, the decision to vaccinate should be left as a personal choice. We all have good reason not to trust those pushing the global vaccine agenda given that politicians, media, and public health officials have all earned a “rating of zero credibility” on all matters relating to global well-being and public health. When it comes to your own personal health, a “leap of faith” based on the promises of today’s politicians and media is a bad idea. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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