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POS checks his watch during the Dignified Transfer of 13 American Military Heroes

August 30, 2021: This fraud is a disgrace and has no soul. This tragedy could have been avoided if not for the willful neglect of Biden and the fools in his fake cabinet. Incidentally, how long has Jill Biden known about the "issues" facing her husband? Was she aware of the ramifications of this idiot making decisions like the one that left our soldiers exposed to the animals in Afghanistan?

In the mean time, China wins with every decision made by this compromised fool. The CCP will build a pipeline that connects Iran to China and that will run through Afghanistan. This will have been done while America shuts down the Keystone Pipeline, suspends development of the energy rich ANWR lands, and complies with the anti-American Paris Climate Accord. To add insult to injury, Biden supports the toxic electric vehicle industry which will use batteries that are made in China that use rare-earth minerals extracted from Afghanistan. (note that Biden has begun halting American exploitation of mineral rich lands within the USA).

Study this scum bag's record and you will see that every decision he makes is done to the detriment of America and to the benefit of the CCP.

By: Extremely American Kevin Wright


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