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Predictable & Childish Tactics of the typical Communist - inspired by the evil of Alinksy & DAVOS

Predictable & Childish Tactics of the typical Communist - inspired by the evil of Alinksy & DAVOS

January 1, 2022 marked the beginning of a year filled with challenges for the patriotic, the religious, and the traditional family-value Americans. According to the mainstream globalist-communists in America, these three categories of Americans are considered racist, uneducated, and even sub-human. As God fearing, family loving, patriotic, freedom loving Americans, we know that the evil left will do or say anything to bully, intimidate and/or coerce good Americans into submission. They want us to abandon our values because our beliefs stand in the way of their warped agenda.

Saul Alinsky communists will do or say anything in order to advance their agenda because they literally have no morality and no religion. The strategy is effective because even stupid people are able to follow the rules created by Alinsky - in fact, the dogma of Alinsky was custom made for the uninformed and gullible of society. The bad news for Ainsky followers is that we are onto their communist BS. The bad news for Americans is that the tiny portion of globalist, communist, and corporatist authoritarians have control over the media, the technology conglomerates, the financial institutions, the anti-American corporations and the federal, state, and local bureaucracies subscribe to his screwed up communist beliefs.

Defeating these institutions will be challenging but, our side is much smarter and more focused. Don't believe me? Compare our Charlie Kirk's Americafest event to one of the deranged BLM/ANTIFA hate filled rallies. Outsmarting those thugs and degenerates is relatively easy when good people put their "mind and muscle" to it.

The outreach of the Extremely American movement is very important, and it extends to all Americans irrespective of their race or religion. Here are some things that will help you promote our movement in a positive way.

1. Don't waste your time trying to convince people that America is a great country with a great history. They are lost if they cannot acknowledge that fact immediately and without hesitation.

2. Extremely American has grown as a trusted source due to the outstanding content published by Colin Wright. As an EA reader, I encourage you to share his work with your network and even beyond your network.

Sniff out an America Hater

This veneer is paper thin

By: Extremely American Kevin Wright


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