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Purple Lion Project: The Nasal Swab & Ethylene Oxide

June 14, 2021: Cassandra Dunn is a Registered Nurse, certified Federal Medical Investigator, Heathcare Surveyor and Entity approved Guide at the Casa de Dom Inacio healing center in Brazil. (Source: PurpleLionProject website) The Purple Lion Project was launched by Cassandra Dunn and offers exceptional expert insights into a diverse range of medical topics. The video link provided above offers critical medical investigative research and insights from Cassandra Dunn regarding the alarming risks associated with Ethylene Oxide (a main component present in the swabs that are used for Covid testing). In our effort to ensure our EA community is well informed on the topic of Covid and Covid vaccines, we encourage our followers to become aware of Cassandra Dunn and her courageous and exceptional research and investigative efforts that make up the Purple Lion Project.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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