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R.J. Rummel's thesis of 'Democide' applies to the WEF Agenda & National Political Entities (video)

March 18, 2022: If you have been searching for answers about the chaos and violent tyranny of our times, study the concept of "democide" and recognize how it connects to our body politic and the Medical & Military Industrial Complex. It is impossible not to connect world events today with what is clearly a modern day form of global democide.

It is critical to understand that the only way to defend against the ravages of democide is to assertively fight back against those who are conspiring to eliminate our personal freedom, civil rights, and God-given liberty. In name, the major culprits of democide include: Global NGO's, national politicians, bureaucrats, public health authorities, technocrats, mainstream media, social media, academia, and main channels of popular culture. Think of the nature of their "actions", and think of the "outcomes" of their actions.


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