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Rachel 'TDS Patient' Maddow Melts Down after SCOTUS Agrees to Hear President Trump’s Immunity Claim

Loony Rachel Maddow Flips Out After Supreme Court Agrees to Hear President Trump’s Immunity Claim

February 29, 2024: The Gateway Pundit reported the US Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to hear Trump’s presidential immunity claim in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s January 6 case in Washington, DC. This specifically addresses whether he can evade charges lodged against him tied to the alleged insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

The high court will hear oral arguments on an expedited schedule the week of April 22 and decide by the end of the term in June or sooner.

As Jim Hoft previously noted, the liberal media had a series of dumb hot takes following the decision, especially on CNN and MSNBC. They cannot bear the fact Trump is about to prevail potentially.

But the biggest meltdown belongs to MSNBC’s most infamous host: Rachel Maddow. She was a guest on fellow leftist MSNBC anchor Chris Haye’s show All In With Chris Hayes to give her “analysis” of the common-sense ruling.

She started off her tirade by claiming that the ruling proved the Court was not a rational actor and that Trump will never face trial. Maddow then insanely claimed that if Trump wins re-election, he will NEVER leave office and stay in power for life to avoid going to jail.

Watch Below:

If you think about the court as a rational actor and a decent one, it turns out that was an unreasonable supposition, and it turns out they’re not that.The conclusion we can arrive at now, based on what they have done without waiting for the ruling, is ensuring Trump will not face trial. And when they inevitably rule that presidents aren’t immune from prosecution after they leave office, what that will tell Donald Trump, if by then he is president, is that he can never leave the office of the presidency.”

If he is voted out in 2028, he cannot leave office, and he is welcome to commit any crimes he wants to, as long as he is still president, in order to ignore the result of that election and stay in power for life, because otherwise he’s gonna go to prison when he gets out.

But she was not done! She kept going with her temper tantrum and accused the court of interfering in the election and trying to act as Trump’s “political friend.”

Video Below:

It’s evident what they’re doing with the pacing here…obviously pushing all of the cases they can push where Trump will be standing for election before we’ve heard the verdict in any of these cases. Got it.
But it’s also the idea that the immunity thing is an open question. Is it really an open question? What is the most famous pardon in American history? Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon once he had resigned and was a former president.
Why? Quote: “As a result of certain acts or admissions occurring before his resignation as president…Richard Nixon has become liable to possible indictment. Whether he shall be prosecuted depends on findings by the appropriate grand jury and the discretion of the authorized prosecutor. “
The idea this is an open question, the idea that a president can never be tried…is disproven by a plain reading of American history. The idea this has to be taken up is them saying the sky is green.
This is B.S.—you were doing this as a dilatory tactic to help your political friend. And for you to say that this is something that the Court needs to decide because it’s something that’s unclear in the law is just flagrant, flagrant bullpucky.


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