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Rand Paul: Inherent danger comes with the notion of an unelected, unregulated one-world government

May 26, 2022: "Hitler Reincarnates" Klaus Schwab and Tedros Adhanom are huddling and scheming with a diabolical collection of WEF/WHO/WHA sociopaths and sycophants this week in Geneva, Switzerland. Included in this group is a group of national traitors (camouflaged as national leaders notorious for feigning representation of interest for their respective nations).

Make no mistake, Schwab and his cartel of arrogant and self-serving elitists are conspiring to form an unelected, unregulated, and "unchallengeable" global governance body (a "one-world government"). The WEF/WHO agenda playing out, this week, is a full-on brazen attack on the sovereignty of all free-world nations. The 75th World Health Assembly (WHA75) is the "theater" and "veil" being used by the WHO to pass a series of conspicuous amendments that will result in the absolute loss of sovereignty for all nations.

In the Jesse Watters video interview provided, Senator Rand Paul articulates the risks and inevitable consequences if Schwab and his WEF authoritarians/thugs are successful in unilaterally embedding an authoritarian and unelected one-world government.

It is unfortunate (and must be noted) that interviewer Jesse Watters offered "softened" (weak) criticism regarding the intentions and actions of sociopath and genocide criminal Bill Gates - this is a nasty pattern that is characteristic of the "mushy" (spineless) stance taken by Fox in recent years.


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