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Postmortem on the Rand Paul vs Anthony Fauci Debate: A story that cannot be allowed to fade

August 17, 2021: John Stossel recently published a postmortem on the now famous exchange between Senator Rand Paul and the "flailing and and failing" Anthony Fauci. Despite the pathetic and shameful cover thrown by mainstream media and social media, the series of exchanges between Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci has captured the attention (and appreciation) of hundreds of millions of people from the US and around the world.

This is a story line that must not be allowed to fade away. The exchange between Senator Paul and Fauci allowed the world to confirm their gravest concerns about Fauci and many media-spun myths: the origins of Covid, NIAID role in gain-of-function funding, CCP role in perpetuating the pandemic, dubious ties between the CCP Wuhan Lab and NIAID/NIH, concerns regarding mask efficacy, broad public health implications associated with excessive lock-downs, advantage of natural immunity over mRNA vaccination, under-utilization of safe and proven prophylactic treatments, potential short- and long-term consequences of mRNA vaccination, social media censorship and weaponization against the scientific and medical community, and a raft of many other conspicuous irregularities and behavior surrounding Covid public health policy and the cabal "spinning" it.

The common sense of the world's citizenry has been stretched to the limits. People with reasonable rationale and common sense are convinced the Covid "story" has been rigged by a Covid Cabal (consisting of dirty politicians, un-elected bureaucrats, NGO power brokers, compromised health care "experts", politicized global/national health organizations, weaponized media, social media, fact checkers, big pharma profiteers, and the multinational corporate community). We must not allow Fauci to slither to another dark corner and we must demand that our politicians and media follow-up on the courageous path initiated and carved by Senator Rand Paul.

Fauci and his "enablers" (the "Covid Cabal") must be held to account and punished for their complicity in perpetuating a deceitful Covid story and a pure crime against humanity.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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