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Registered DNC Voter (Isaiah Carter) sends a powerful message to Biden & Harris

January 30, 2022: This is a powerful and articulate message from a former longstanding Democrat voter. Democrat voters are leaving the DNC Party by the millions - Joe Biden and his toxic and unhinged DNC administration is the reason.

"The liberals are so far to the left that they are completely unrecognizable from what they use to be. I don't recognize where we are anymore. ... This should tell you all how far we [the DNC] have fallen from the common man." Isaiah Carter (Former Registered DNC Voter)

What is central to the message from Isaiah Carter? It is this simple. It is time for all common men and women to unite and resist the forces of authoritarian tyranny and progressive ideological perversion. It is time to reconsider the priority of the divisive left-right political spectrum and to focus on the principles of freedom and those who are committed to protecting our liberty and civil rights.


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