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Rep. Chip Roy calls on Republicans to "Go on Offense" as Democrats attempt to Destroy America

Chip Roy Calls on Republicans to ‘Go on Offense,’ Warns Democrats ‘Want to Kill Our Country’

By: Joshua Klein

Republicans should “go on offense” and “lead,” according to Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), who urged them to “go out in full force to get every Republican elected running against a Democrat,” while warning that “Democrats want to kill our country,” and the Biden administration is “at war with the American people.”

October 9, 2022: Speaking with conservative commentator Dan Bongino on his eponymous radio show on Thursday, Roy lamented the reality that “Republicans, unfortunately, have too often cowered in the corner, wringing their hands about ‘shutdowns.’”

By contrast, Roy suggested Republicans “stop accepting the rhetoric of the left in the media [and] instead, go on offense.” “Why on earth would I be taking taxpayer money, borrowing money and printing money, to fund a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that is purposely allowing cartels to control our border and fentanyl to come in and kill Americans?” he asked. “That’s the question to ask.”

Instead, Roy called to “turn it on its head and say ‘I will only fund a Department of Homeland Security that will actually secure the border, stop the flow, empower Americans — not cartels, and stop the fentanyl pouring into our country.’”

According to Roy, only a DHS fulfilling those duties has his support. “Now I’m on board,” he said. “I’ll fund that, but I’m not going to fund the other.” “That’s not ‘shutdown,’” he explained. “That’s not, ‘Oh, I’m walking away from my responsibility.’”

The Texas congressman asserted that an ideal DHS “will only take taxpayer money and use it for the good of the taxpayer and to carry out the constitutional duty for which [it] was hired.”

Claiming it is “not a hard concept” to grasp, Roy stated that his efforts were beginning to succeed.

“We are starting to see some success,” he said. “We gotta keep beating the drum. Not one more penny.” Being a subject “we’ve been talking about [for] the last two months,” Roy highlighted the importance to “keep saying it.”

“We gotta keep browbeating Republicans because, look, I’m 100 percent on board with getting Republicans elected between now and November 8,” he said.

“Democrats want to kill our country, but on November 9 it is wake-up day for Republicans and they better gird their loins because we are going to hold Republicans accountable to fight for the American people,” he added.

Warning of today’s Democratic “terms,” Roy, 50, urged voters to “go out in full force to get every Republican elected running against a Democrat.”

“If you’re a Democrat running today on the Democratic ticket, you are accepting the terms of this administration and accepting the terms of [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi to be at war with the American people,” he said.

“You are not aligned with our values. You are not aligned with the Constitution. You are not in any way for limited government, free enterprise, our faith in the Lord Almighty, and allowing the American people to prosper,” he added.

The Texas representative also asserted that he wanted “as big a majority as we can have,” as he called to elect Republicans, explaining that he does not “accept the premise that these [moderate Republicans] who run in so-called purple districts… that the right way to do that is to cave.” Drawing from his own personal experience, Roy recalled that when he ran two years ago against Democrat Wendy Davis in Austin, TX, he succeeded despite having a “tighter” district:

I ran hardcore as a conservative, unabashedly, unapologetically, and we won by seven points. We outperformed President Trump. We had lots of people enthusiastically supporting us, even some liberals that were like, ‘You know, I don’t always agree with you, but I appreciate that you stand up for what you believe in.’

Rep. Roy concluded by calling on Republicans to “lead” instead of being led.

“You gotta lead, damn it!” he exclaimed.

“Get up and stand up for something and stand up for America and people will follow,” he added.

Roy’s comments come as the Biden administration continues to pander to progressives as it adopts more extreme, far-left policies, and as support for the current presidency continues to drop. On Friday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that everything Joe Biden touches “has gone to garbage.”

“I would say Joe Biden is gaslighting, but I’m not sure anyone can afford gas anymore,” he added.

Last month, Roy accused House Democrats of looking to protect their allies in the federal bureaucracy — who “should be jailed for their tyranny” — making them more difficult to fire and less accountable to the American people.

In August, he pledged to end proxy voting, along with IRS agents, FBI agents abusing their authority, and those at the DHS who have attacked Border Patrol agents, should Republicans take back Congress.

In July, the congressman warned that America is “under invasion” as Americans are dying while cartels continue to profit.

He also slammed the Biden administration’s open border policies and accused the “MIA” Democrats of not caring about the impact of such policies on Americans and migrants alike.

Source: Breitbart News


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