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Rep. Matt Gaetz: 'The Biden Admin is trying to destroy our Military by force-feeding it Wokeism!'

April 5, 2022: The weakness of the illegitimate Biden administration presents itself in many forms. One of the more alarming "brands" of Biden's administration weakness comes in the form of our current team of so-called "leaders" responsible for directing the US military. Secretary Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley are the quintessential examples of compromised, woke-obsessed, and weak-kneed military leaders.

More concerned with pushing Biden's "woke" agenda and gaining political favor, these so-called military experts have ushered in unimaginable disasters like the Afghanistan Exit, all while enticing the world's worst rogue regimes (Russia, China, Iran, North Korea) to kick their military aspirations into high gear.

Today, Rep. Matt Gaetz called out Secretary Austin for his role in undermining America's preeminence as the world's military powerhouse - a decline in status that is a direct result of Austin's pre-occupation with meaningless politicking and woke activism.

America and the rest of the world are far less secure with feckless and distracted leaders like Austin and Milley placed in charge of the world's greatest military force.


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