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"Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting Covid Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial" (Deace & Horowitz)

Introduction to "Rise of The Fourth Reich" (Steve Deace & Daniel Horowitz)

August 17, 2022: The day has arrived! Steve Deace and Daniel Horowitz are excited to announce the pre-sales of our new book: “Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial So It Never Happens Again.”

This is not just a book but a rallying cry, a trial, and a set of action items. The book depicts mock Nuremberg trial in which we call victims, experts, doctors, and witnesses of this terrible travesty to the stand to chronicle in vivid detail the atrocities committed against humanity over the past two years – from the denial of treatment and lockdowns, to masking and dangerous vaccines and therapeutics. The beginning will contain and opening statement which frames the issue and the closing statement will trace this public health nationalism back to Germany in the 1930s, review the vital importance of the Nuremberg code, how it was breached, and then at the end of the book, we will detail 10 or so policy demands to reaffirm the Nuremberg Code, in what should be the most detailed policy suggestions outlined so far.

The future of humanity will rise of fall based on the success in reestablishing the Nuremberg Code.

The entire opening argument of "Rise of the Fourth Reich" is available for free in a pdf link here

Source: Daniel Horowitz Substack


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