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Sasha Johnson - The Racist Face & Voice of BLM (video link included)

May 26, 2021: In an ironic twist of fate, Black Lives Matter (BLM) 'viper' and racist activist Sasha Johnson was a recent victim of a London gang's drive-by shooting. Johnson, who is repeatedly caught on video stirring up violence with her angry hate speech, threats of harm, and unhinged racist vitriol was the unintended victim of gang violence in London England. According to Breitbart News, the official police statement read, "there is nothing to suggest that the woman shot [Sasha Johnson] was the subject of a targeted attack or that she had received any credible threats against her prior to the incident". (Breitbart News - Jack Montgomery; May 24, 2021)

As shown in the video link below, Sasha Johnson spews hatred and racism wherever she goes. Her unfortunate encounter with the anger and violence of gangland activity in London should be a reminder to everyone (including members of BLM) that racism and violence poses a threat to everyone, including violent and hateful activists like Johnson. Hopefully Johnson will learn an important lesson from those who practice her very own brand of violence, hatred, and racism in society - she is now officially a victim of people just like her.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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