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School Boards Beware - Parents are on to the racist & radical CRT curriculum of public school boards

June 25, 2021: Dan Bongino captures what is now becoming a surging pattern across the United States, community by community. The pandemic has presented the opportunity to raise awareness of the toxic and racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum being taught to (and forced on) our children across the country and around the world. Similarly, grass roots involvement by caring and informed parents has exposed the atrocious bullying and excessive Marxist nature of district school boards and teachers across the nation.

This exceptional video covers an informed and spirited parent who provides the example we all need to follow, school board by school board. Please watch and share this brief video and take note of President Trump's statement of advice regarding how best to defeat academia's role in poisoning the minds of our children with racist CRT.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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Unknown member
Jun 26, 2021

Rip the fascist speaker to shreds PATRIOT! WELL DONE!

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