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Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm: Yet another Biden Flunky & an insult to all Americans

May 20, 2022: US Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, epitomizes the arrogance, incompetence, and deceitfulness of the illegitimate Biden administration. Judging by the arrogant attitude and "empty content" of Granholm, there is no hope of reigning in energy shortages and soaring energy inflation as long as this annoying moron holds onto her role as the Secretary of Energy.

Thankfully, Senator Josh Hawley drew out of Granholm everything Americans need to know about this temperamental administrative hack. Americans need to embrace exchanges like this and use them as inspiration to lobby hard and vote against the Democrat Party at each and every opportunity (starting with current primaries and rapidly approaching midterm elections).

Make no mistake, Joe Biden, Jennifer Granholm, and the Democrat "ship of fools" are responsible for skyrocketing inflation and faltering cost-of-living conditions. Just as troubling, Biden and his illegitimate Democrat Party are not taking responsibility for the consequences of their immense and unending stream of policy failures. They openly and glibly admit that they will not do anything differently to reverse rampant and accelerating inflation.


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