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Sen. Josh Hawley: US AG Merrick Garland is attempting to intimidate & squash the rights of parents

October 6, 2021: Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) was on form during the recent October 6 Senate Hearing. During the hearing, Senator Hawley grilled Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monico (aka Merrick Garland's "lapdog") regarding the weaponization of Biden's federal bureaucracy - effectively unleashing it on political opponents across all levels of society.

Senator Hawley underscored the point that America has never seen an FBI tasked with intervening in local school board meetings and affairs. The abuse of authority by Garland is overt (please refer to Garland's recent Memorandum below) and is clearly intended to threaten and intimidate any and all parents who dare to challenge CRT Marxism and grotesque progressive ideology being forced down the throats of our children by unhinged Marxist teachers in contaminated schoolboards across the nation.

Behind all of this is an obvious display of an illegitimate Biden administration that is calibrated to attack anyone deemed to be a political adversary. And this is purely criminal conduct by any measure.

Merrick Garland Memorandum Dated October 4, 2021 [Below]


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