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Sen. Tuberville Grills Fauci over Current 'Research' in China: 'Are you communicating with them?'

November 7, 2021: In spite of Sen. Tommy Tuberville's weak/gentle line of questioning during the recent Senate Health Committee Hearing (November 4), he managed to raise a question that should interest all Americans - and a question that triggered a glib and slithery response from Anthony Fauci that should infuriate all Americans. The question was "are you [Fauci] currently communicating with them [the CCP]?" Fauci's response was that he is "collaborating and communicating with his Chinese-based colleagues".

At this point, how can anyone be comfortable with Anthony Fauci "collaborating", "communicating", and "conducting" (Gain-of-Function) research with China's CCP? Fauci and his "colleagues" in China should be immediately investigated and charged with their role in engineering and causing Covid. Engineered Covid is a global biomedical crime against humanity - a crime against humanity that should carry the highest form of penalty to Fauci and "collaborators" within his Covid cartel.

Fauci should be immediately banned from any further "communication" and "research" with the CCP.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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