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Senator Rand Paul addresses Anthony Fauci's temper tantrum & meltdown during Congress hearing

July 22, 2021: Senator Rand Paul was interviewed by NewsMax and Fox following Tuesday's Senate hearing (July 20) where media and viewers were treated to a full-on meltdown by the always arrogant and annoying Anthony Fauci (NIAID | NIH Director). During a methodical and disciplined inquiry regarding Fauci's role in gain-of-function research efforts with the CCP, Senator Paul triggered a temper tantrum, unhinged pivots, and a provable string of lies from the ultra-sensitive and ornery Fauci.

The two videos provided offer insightful post-Senate hearing comments from Senator Paul including the likely next steps in filing criminal charges against Fauci. Note that the you will not see any objective coverage of this topic from the progressive mainstream media networks so you will be well served by viewing the videos provided.


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