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Senator Rand Paul: 'The Evidence is mounting there's been a Covid Cover-Up & Fauci is behind it'

During a recent town hall meeting, Senator Rand Paul (October 27) responded to a question relating to the Origins of Covid and Anthony Fauci's role in covering up the origin of the virus and its clear connection to Fauci's gain of function research. It has never been more clear that Anthony Fauci and his NIH / NIAID colleagues must be held to account for their involvement in developing gain of function biological weapons in treasonous partnership with the CCP.

A criminal investigation involving Fauci and a lengthy list of co-conspirators (from NIH, NIAID, USAID, EcoHealth Alliance, CDC, FDA, UNC, and a raft of big pharmaceutical companies) is long overdue.

Related Video Link (Below): Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) calls for a criminal investigation into Dr. Anthony Fauci


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