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Sharyl Attkisson Masterfully Captures Corporate Media's Coordinated & Abusive Attack on Trump

Sharyl Attkisson Points Out How the Media’s Mistakes About Trump Always Go in Only One Direction

February 26, 2024: The American media has always leaned decidedly left but the Trump years truly ripped off their mask. Most people in media no longer even try to pretend to be objective. They openly act like Democrat activists.

When reporting on Trump, which they all love to do, their mistakes are numerous and always go in only one direction.

Sharyl Attkisson, who is one of the few good journalists out there, recently did a report on this problem.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

Here at Full Measure, we’ve documented the media’s uniquely harsh treatment of Trump since he first declared his run for the White House, including an explosion in the trend of false reporting by formerly well-respected national news outlets. We’ve also been tracking media mistakes under the Biden presidency to see if he’d fall victim to the same syndrome.In other words, is the media making an unprecedented number of sloppy but innocent errors, or is their behavior part of a calculated strategy? Today’s cover story: what the record shows.When President Biden spent last Christmas on vacation with family, he continued the longest string in two decades of a U.S. president not visiting the troops during the holiday. But there was no criticism in the press like there had been of his predecessor, President Trump. With Trump, the media was eager to blare negative headlines, even when false.

In 2018, NBC incorrectly reported that Trump stayed home at Christmastime, the first U.S. president since 2002 to skip visiting the troops. The news went global. But it wasn’t true. The media had jumped the gun. Trump and First Lady Melania left the White House Christmas Day to visit U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

On Thanksgiving, Newsweek made a similar error, falsely reporting that Trump was spending the holiday “golfing” at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. But the reporter had fabricated the golf story. Trump flew to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving to again be with the troops, making Trump the only president in U.S. history to visit troops in a combat zone both on Thanksgiving and so close to Christmas — though the press never reported that.

There’s much more and you can watch it all below:

Our media cannot be fixed. It is overwhelmingly populated with liberal activists who think their job is to take down Trump. None of that is going to change until more of these people are replaced by real journalists.


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