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Shockingly bad Jobs Report shows Biden Plan is failing - Economists predict Global Economic Meltdown

September 3, 2021: The Biden "Economic Plan" (the term is used loosely here) is imploding and even independents like Tim Pool are sounding alarms. Pool called out Biden for everything from hyper-inflation to downward spiraling job reports to frivolous government spending. Salt has been rubbed in America's economic wounds as a nearly comatose Biden and his White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki lie about the performance of the Biden economic plan (and everything else) on a daily basis. This should come as no surprise to anyone given Biden's reputation as a fraud and a pathological liar has been a hallmark of his "career" for all 50 years of his failed career in politics.

Biden is living up to all expectations - and all expectations called for this illegitimate fraud and imposter to cause total disaster and epic failure.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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