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Simon Campbell gives a local school board a much needed lecture on Constitutional Law

November 7, 2021 (EA Flashback): Simon Campbell, a fired up Pennsbury School District resident (Mayfield Township - Pennsylvania) reminds yet another obnoxious and sanctimonious school board panel a reminder that in America "we have a God given right to dissent and protect our children's rights" to an education free of racist CRT and perverted progressive dogma. We also have the right to express dissent without threats of censorship and obstruction from unhinged and overbearing school board trustees.

This is a display of how all caring and involved parents should handle toxic school boards and their trustees. It is time to crash their "insider party" and shatter their "little ivory towers" across the nation.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

[Sourced from Ben Shapiro & Prager University video catalogue]

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