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Sky News Australia: Fauci "found out on a million fronts"

June 9, 2021: The world is finally waking up to Anthony Fauci's role in funding and creating the Covid virus through the fiendish 'science' known as Gain-of-Function (GoF) Research. Fauci has repeatedly and egregiously lied and pivoted on the facts surrounding origins of Covid and public health policy best practices. The simple truth is that Fauci has the world's blood on his hands along with his so-called 'colleagues' and accomplices who are embedded in the CCP and its state controlled agencies (most notably the Wuhan Institute of Virology).

In the brief video clip provided, Alan Jones of Sky News Australia provides an excellent summary of Fauci's complicity in the greatest crime against humanity in modern times. The good news is that this absolute fraud has been "exposed on a million fronts". Fauci has lied about everything from the origins of Covid to mask efficacy to Covid vaccine safety. For more details regarding Fauci's role in engineering, leaking, and covering up the Covid virus (in full partnership with the CCP), please refer to the exclusive EA content in this link: Anthony Fauci - Funder & Founder of the Covid-19 Crime Against Humanity.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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