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September 2, 2021: This editorial resonates with all Australians who find themselves in the iron grip of political and public health tyranny. It also applies to every single other nation enduring a similar form of public health tyranny and the deadly consequences of reckless, unethical, and unprofessional overreach by power-hungry, profit-seeking public health "authorities".

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If governments are being advised by “experts”, who are these people and why would government, with any sense of empathy and compassion, accept such advice without considering the impact of the “advice” on mental health and suicide, the impact on relationships, the impact on financial stress, the consequence of physical inactivity and the focus on coronavirus which excludes proper regard for other chronic diseases.

If we can recite daily cases and deaths, why can’t we have an up-to-date list of suicides, bankruptcies and the increase in chronic diseases other than coronavirus?

And when will government accept their unfitness to govern when teenagers, as a consequence of the schooling decisions and the HSC debacle here in NSW, are taking their own lives?

My advice is that psychiatrists and psychologists have their books completely filled.

There is a simple truth here.

Statistics will surely show that our best, our youngest and our brightest, with rich and productive lives in front of them, have basically no chance in dying from a virus yet they are tragically victims of suicide and government is deaf to their concerns.

Am I the only one who finds this response to the virus unforgivable?

By: Sky News Australia's Alan Jones


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