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Soros-backed Democrat Activist Groups Launch Counterattack against GOP House Investigations of Biden

Democrat Activist Groups Launch Counterattack Against House Republican Investigations of Biden

By: Joe Gomez

November 18, 2022 (Updated): Several Democrat non-profits and activist groups are going on the attack against congressional Republicans’ investigations of President Joe Biden, with one group even launching a “Truth SWAT team” to counter misinformation about the Bidens.

“Through research, media, digital, and paid advertising, Facts First USA will act as a Truth SWAT team, ensuring that facts are front and center to counter bad-faith lies and misinformation. We will work to limit the reach of the right-wing rage machine,” says the organization.

Democratic strategist David Brock leads the group, which claims to be bipartisan. An alleged confidential internal memo from Facts First USA has been leaked online by media sources, detailing the group’s plan of attack.

“The presidential election in 2024 will be close and simply relying on the hope that facts will triumph over conspiracy is not sufficient. Instead, a robust external force – a SWAT team with additional capacity – must also be in place to ensure that the media and public do not accept the false narrative that flows from congressional investigations,” the memo reads. “An external operation will also allow President Biden to stay focused on his own preferred messaging during 2023 and 2024 and on his reelection campaign.”

Additionally, the left-leaning Congressional Integrity Project has also stated it would launch a “multi-million dollar effort to expose the reality behind the politically motivated oversight and investigations targeting President Biden and his administration already announced by congressional Republicans.”

The GOP doesn’t officially take over the House until Jan. 3, 2023, but that hasn’t stopped congressional Republicans from announcing their plans to investigate the White House and the Biden family.

The new House Oversight Committee has said it will investigate Biden and his involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business deals

“This is an investigation of Joe Biden, the president of the United States, and why he lied to the American people about his knowledge and participation in his family’s international business schemes,” said incoming Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) during a press conference on Nov. 17.

Comer was joined by likely Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who said he would begin an investigation into the Justice Department.

“Based on 14 FBI agents who have come talk to our office as whistleblowers, one of those agents said … ‘at the highest levels of the FBI, specifically the [FBI] Washington Field Office,’ he said ‘it’s rotted to the core.”

In response to the threat of multiple investigations by House Republicans, White House spokesman for oversight and investigations, Ian Sams said in a statement: “Instead of working with President Biden to address issues important to the American people, like lower costs, congressional Republicans’ top priority is to go after President Biden with politically-motivated attacks chock full of long-debunked conspiracy theories.”

Sams added: “President Biden is not going to let these political attacks distract him from focusing on Americans’ priorities, and we hope congressional Republicans will join us in tackling them instead of wasting time and resources on political revenge.”


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