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Southern Border Crisis: Joe Biden & his “writers” are lying about everything

Mar 27, 2021: After being treated to the worst press briefing ever held by any president of the US, Americans are taking time to digest the unending lies and mistruths spoken (“muttered”) on March 25th by fake-president Joe Biden. The combination of stupidity and dishonesty was equally matched by the highest degrees of condescending and contrived messaging ever seen in such a briefing. Americans and people around the world were treated to a “train wreck” of epic proportions. Of course, the habitually dishonest mainstream media is celebrating and promoting Biden’s “performance” as if he delivered the most intellectual presentation of all time. Anyone with functioning eyes and ears and a basic level of intelligence could conclude nothing other than Biden being a stuttering-bumbling-lying fraud. Let’s face it, when it comes to being a deceitful and a bumbling idiot, there is nobody who can compete with Joe Biden. EA has already thoroughly covered the “innate stupidity” of Biden and the role that his handlers and media play in feeding him their lines to read/mumble. This article, however, is intended to call out Biden’s long list of lies spoken on March 25 regarding his southern border crisis (#BidenBorderCrisis).

Intuitively, and intellectually honest person knows that wide open borders are wrong and are a dangerous concept. They are wrong because they undo the rules and guideline all other immigrants had to follow when borders and the crossing of them were respected. There is a decency and protocol involved in entering “a home”. In the case of a “country as a home”, common sense and sound reasoning should tell everyone that entry into a home/country involves “an invitation, a process and protocol, an announcement, a request to enter, and conditions to be respected within one’s home”. None of this is happening under Biden’s open border policy. In terms of the dangers brought on by such reckless and disorganized border policies, the flood gates are now open for the world and every scoundrel (thieves, gangsters, pedophiles, terrorists, foreign spies, political saboteurs and so on) to easily enter our home (our country). It is said that “a country without a border can not be a country at all” – Americans must realize this crucial point and demand a full reversal of Biden’s moronic border policy. Despite the gag order on reporting and photography, we all still have eyes and ears and can easily see and hear that this self-inflicted border wound is hemorrhaging and getting worse by the day.

During a recent episode of Mark Levin’s Podcast (March 26), special guest Stephen Miller (former Senior Political Advisor and White House Director of Speech Writing) offered expert insights to the disastrous performance (and pure lies) mumbled out of the mouth of Joe Biden during the March 25th press briefing. We waited for over two months to hear nothing but poorly articulated lies along with cringeworthy images of a declining moron who literally does not seem to know if he is “a horse or a humpback”. The expert background of Stephen Miller offers (1) precious expertise into White House speech writing & delivery and (2) incredibly powerful insights into America’s border policy. Note that one of Miller’s strongest areas of specialization was his hands-on involvement in President Trump’s border strategy which worked to perfection until Biden came in and began his demolition of everything that worked flawlessly under President Trump.

Diving right into this topic, it must be confirmed from the outset that not a single note being read by Biden is his own. His team of writers, which is led by The Washington Examiner’s Ron Klain, creates all the notes and binders used by Biden as “tries” to read from them (they are in plain sight every time Biden makes an appearance on screen). If you are asking yourself why a mainstream media journalist from the Washington Examiner is serving as the lead for Biden’s speech writing team, you are raising a great question. Ron Kain has always been known as a total fraud and a hack but this current role of writing for Biden smacks of conflict of interest and zero journalistic integrity. The best response to Ron Klain is simply to abandon that piece of trash called the Washington Examiner. It is liberal propaganda rag with one intention – to push the DNC agenda and the progressive socialism that comes with it.

Leading into Stephen Miller’s assessment of Biden’s March 25th lying “snooze-fest”, he mentioned that there are two basic formats for Washington DC press briefings. The first type is what we typically saw when President Trump was in the White House. His press briefing trademark was based on allowing every journalist to ask unscripted questions, back-and-forth interaction was encouraged, emphasis on fluid and free-flowing exchanges was promoted, and an emphasis away from notes and towards a reliance on mastering the topics in question. The second type of press briefing is what we saw on March 25th with Biden. This format for a briefing relies on limiting the number of reporters allowed to ask questions, the list of reporters allowed to participate is carefully curated and manipulated by the speaker’s handlers, any questions presented are submitted prior to the briefing for approval/disapproval, follow-up questions and exchanges are not allowed, and the format aims to encourage monologue and scripted/canned responses from the speaker. Biden’s “performance” was clearly the product of a “synthetic” and canned briefing intended to communicate the thoughts and messages of his handlers and media. His “performance” is quite possibly the most insincere and unauthentic delivery of an end-to-end series of lies and propaganda ever seen by a western world “leader”. All of this coupled with a fraud suffering from cognitive decline made the performance both insulting and cringeworthy.

Everyone who subjected themselves to the March 25th spectacle, saw the Biden’s giant binder full of reporter photos and all. During his comments regarding the border crisis, Biden fumbled through his handy binder and burped out the scripted message that the southern border crisis was merely a “challenge” and that it was only a “seasonal” phenomenon. These are two massive and blatant lies.

Regarding the deceitful “seasonal rush” claim, basic logic and data apply. If the southern border situation is “seasonal”, why is this administration scrambling to build additional giant facilities, why are they using the Dallas Stadium to accommodate thousands of illegals, why are they using military bases to accommodate thousands of illegals, why are they trucking tens of thousands of people to the center of the country, why are they moving the northern US Border Patrol assets to the southern border, and most importantly why are they constantly lying to us about this situation? They cannot answer these questions because the questions are absolute proof that Biden and his corrupt administration are lying to the nation.

So, lying is the only word and only conclusion that can be drawn from what Biden and his writers have are communicating to the nation. The following data points are important to keep front of mind as you continue to hear Biden, the DNC, and their corrupt mainstream media agents incessantly lie about the southern border crisis and the irreversible consequences that this doomed-to-fail border policy will bring to America and our future generations:

- The DNC is on track to open 9 emergency shelters to accommodate the unprecedented flow of unaccompanied children illegals into the country

- In March, we are seeing the highest number of illegal unaccompanied minors arriving in our country than ever before – this is something totally new, totally different, and something never seen at this scale in America

- The US Border Patrol estimates the surge is more than a 300% increase and accelerating rapidly

- The number of illegals being released into the country right now is in the thousands per day (numbers that are equivalent to releasing one large metropolitan high school into America every day, day-after-day)

- This is not only a crisis, but also a very real disaster imposing an incredible and unsustainable burden on our small communities in border states – these communities must pay to feed, clothe, house, and provide care for all these people who have no real means of supporting themselves

The DNC motivation behind this policy is obvious and a mystery to nobody. The DNC is clearly exploiting and risking the lives of society’s most vulnerable and poor people to “feed” their voting base. This maniacal political strategy is being delivered without any concern for the disastrous fallout and harm being done to innocent people in the US and the most vulnerable people from poor countries around the world.

To summarize, Biden lied from start to end on March 25th. Biden claimed that the border crisis is nothing more than a “coincidental inconvenience”. Biden claimed that the border crisis was a “predictable seasonal occurrence”. Of course, logic and data prove these southern border party lines to be blatant and arrogant lies. Another massive lie, this one along the lines of personal immorality, came out during an exchange between Biden and ABC News reporter Cecilia Varga. Varga asked Biden, “why is the administration not returning unaccompanied children back to their home country where it is known they have parents”. Biden responded that he “would not do o do what Trump did” which was “to intentionally starve children to death in the dessert”. This egregious lie and unparalleled act of immoral conduct from a political leader is tantamount to accusing our US Border Patrol agents of homicide against migrants. This is a grave and baseless accusation and a massive immoral lie - Biden may have lost his mind but remains capable of being the immoral person he has always been. Miller commented on Biden’s display as follows, “Let me be very clear. US Border Patrol agents have not, never would, never will, never could, and never would dream of driving immigrants into the dessert and dropping them off to die. Our Border Patrol agents [under the Trump administration] rescued illegal immigrants, saved lives, and responsibly sent them home to be in the safety of their parents”. (Mark Levin Podcast; March 26, 2021)

This much is perfectly clear about the Trump border policy. They found unaccompanied minors, safely put them on chartered government flights, coordinated “landing reception” of the minors with their respective state departments, and confirmed responsible management of the minors with the foreign country’s respective social services. None of this is being done by Biden and his administration. Instead, Biden’s decision was to terminate all aspects of President Trump’s effective and humane border policy – Biden’s decision is a deliberate action that has caused the greatest wave of unaccompanied minors that the world has ever seen. (Mark Levin Podcast; March 26, 2021) Biden’s message on March 25th was that the US response to this “challenge” will be to build many more “welcoming facilities” which will clearly make this crisis even more perilous than it is right now. To be clear, the Biden border plan is to build more, larger, and speedier “welcome and intake centers”. This situation must obviously take front and center stage within the Republican Party as it is evident that the DNC is more than happy to kill Americans and vulnerable people from abroad to advance their socialist agenda and dream of monopolizing the political landscape in the US for generations to come.

Miller concluded his interview with Mark Levin by saying, “our proudest achievement during President Trump’s first term, came in 2020 during the pandemic when President Trump and his team ran a seamless and humane border operation all year long - there was not a single negative situation as proven in the fact that the media could not attack the Trump team in any respect relating to managing the borders of our nation”. The result of Trump’s border strategy translated into a safeguarding of American economic interests, national employment stability, national security, national and state level public health, and respect for all migrants who have (and are) legally and patiently abiding by American laws. Biden with a single stroke of his pen (and muttered words) has reversed all of what was good in our border policies under President Trump. Media is complicit in this crime against America and should also be held accountable for their role in attempting to destroy our great nation – this is treasonous conduct and should be treated accordingly. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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