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'Sri Lanka Plunges into the Abyss' as it Dances to the Globalists' Tune & Trap

Sri Lanka plunges into the Abyss

Ceylon is about to sanction LGBTQI++ and Why Sri Lanka's penal code on grossly indecent carnal intercourse should not be amended.

Roots and Reasoning

While it is understood that international pressure, money and pride are decisive forces driving this agenda, the reasoning put forward for propagating LGB, T and other diverse concepts collectively, and the associated assault on the virtue of self-restraint, traditional marriage and the natural family, deserves scrutiny. While proposed variously and emotionally, the underlying rationale is the alleged discrimination, harassment and fear of violence felt by persons self-identifying under one or more of the letters of the rainbow. It is of the essence to recognise that the deception occurs via conflation of genuine problems, with the justification of the lifestyle - while its raw reality, inevitable consequences and ultimate objectives are camouflaged.

Let us consider a thief, practicing or non-practicing, having an inclination to theft or devoid of it, as long as thief is her identity. Suppose she goes to a bank and is harassed by the teller, and discriminated against by the manager, and made afraid by the cashier. The fitting course of action would be first to investigate whether these were her unfounded perceptions, whether incidents occurred and if so whether they were intentional. It would subsequently be necessary to find out the causes for these incidents, and whether they were related to the black and white horizontal stripes on the thief’s top, whether she insinuated deviously that the cashier issued one note less when he didn’t, whether the manager tried to over-charge her for the cheque-book for personal gain, or if the security officer at the exit didn’t open the door for her as was expected simply because he was lazy.

Whether her wallet was forcibly examined, and whether she refrained from complaining to the GM due to self-doubt regarding receipt of fair treatment on account of her thief-like garb and demeanour or for other unrelated reasons, wrongs done need to be rectified, and the nation and its institutions already have sufficient laws and rules to deal with it. If these laws are not enforced, then non-enforcement is the problem, not the law. While it is acceptable that every citizen should be treated equally by the law, it would be ridiculous to make theft legal on account of thieves’ feelings of vulnerability. Even more ridiculous would it be, if not only theft, but also laundering, pilfering, misappropriation, burglary, smuggling, and even “+” were to be legalised, and children’s school text books were amended to portray the goodness of LPMBS+ as a “small step” in the journey towards equality.


The reason to normalise sodomy, as a first “small step” is not for the reason of enabling homosexuals to proceed with their lifestyle - which they already are doing, nor for the protection and care of individuals suffering from various deviant sexual inclinations who may seek a safe and understanding environment to proceed with their conversion or rehabilitation. It is evident that individuals having unnatural sexual inclinations, and who choose to indulge in them, cannot be penalised as long as they commit their sins in private. The victim of any action, not only sodomic, when coerced or brought about through “threat of unlawful detention”, “fear of death or hurt”, or when consent has been obtained via the “use of force, or intimidation” has protection through law already, so stressing on the consensuality of unnatural acts as justification for legalising gross indecency would make little difference to extant private practitioners – and is irrational as a basis for amending the code.

Rather, decriminalisation and subsequent efforts at “equality” for the entire ideological LGBTIQ+ spectrum is to enable propagation permeation proliferation empowerment and inculturation of its philosophy and lifestyle, that would even eventually legally enable the penalisation of efforts to protect natural marriage, to affirm the natural family and to prevent scandal in society so that civilisational demise may proceed unhindered. The abortion mongers, the geriatric feminists and anti-life and anti-family NGOs and activists backed by their international patrons seek to change the law in order to change culture, and with culture to change our children, and thereby change the nation’s future.


Apart from homosexuality becoming more evident in society and homosexual displays becoming commonplace consequent to its approbation, sodomic marriages will be sought, since it would not be equality if a man may marry a woman, but not another man, and vice versa. It will be harassment and violation of alleged human rights if three or four may not be wedded together, if two could, and the possibility of a dog being thrown into this communion is not remote or unrealistic. Caterers or hospitality providers who do not wish to provide services on such occasions on matters of principle will face litigation and a threat to their business since they would need to treat all customers equally, especially those categorised as oppressed.

Further when all colours of the rainbow are legal and equal, it will be necessary to extend the already fashionable and irrational gender equality practices to more than women. Presently companies are bending over backwards with diversity-hiring and -promoting in order to have parities in positions of power, and currently women are breaking ceilings and making news, and quotas are being legislated for them. To ensure equality and to break the bias against all “genders” there will consequently arise requirements to eliminate underrepresentation of homosexuals and other “genders” on the boards and in the leadership of all institutions, since that would be “gender equality”. Naturally, a significant proportion of the population will be inclined to identify into these expanded privileged categories to obtain status, positions, and scholarships that they could not have achieved were they grounded on competency, and the beta males can transition into women to fill the women’s quotas in power positions.

The legal transgender certificate will enable a woman certified as a legal man to pray among the men in a mosque, and “mother” and “father” could be words found to be offensive and replaceable by parent 1, parent 2, and even 3, 4, 5 as the case may be, since equality requires that “throuples” may have children, even if they cannot beget them. These are but the tip of the “decriminalise homosexuality” and “LGBTQI+ equality” project. And what is mentioned is not the outpouring of a deluded imagination but examples of actualities in nations that followed the rainbow and found a can of worms at the end of it.

Silence is Assent

What the United Nations Organisation, its committees, the NGOs, and the local activists and special rapporteurs have been working on for decades, sustained by the billions of dollars from their patrons, is a redefinition of values. Chastity among the young, and life-long marriage between a man and a woman who are open to fruitfulness and are faithful to each other, are the essence of strong natural families – which are the fundamental units of society and the bedrock of a stable and thriving culture. The demeaning of marriage, the corruption of youth, and the destruction of the natural family are the means through which nations are weakened and made vulnerable to control.

Uganda, under similar attack from activists in NGOs and Western governments pushing the LGBT agenda, has taken a courageous stand. President Museveni says he has “rejected the pressure from the imperialists”. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the State of the Nation address on February 18th declared that gender propaganda is the greatest threat stalking a nation’s children. In April 2023, at the UN’s Commission on Population and Development conference, 22 nations resisted their colleagues from the Western countries and defeated the Biden administration’s attempt to include LBGT education for children, under the far broader scope of the euphemistic “comprehensive sexuality education” in the resolution document of the 56th session1. And yet, will Sri Lanka sing and dance as society and culture takes the next leap headlong and happily into self-disintegration? This is the conflagration of civilisation, albeit in a kaleidoscopic inferno.

By: Dr Eshan Dias


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