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Sri Lankan (Ceylon) School Girl Forced into Lewd Literature Against Her Will

November 24, 2021: While the world struggles through the Covid pandemic and all the tyranny that has come with it, the world is also dealing with a viral scourge running through academia. Around the world, parents and students have been inflicted by an era of education that is characterized by the weakest teachers and the most contaminated curriculum ever experienced in the field of education. School Boards have been transformed into political apparatchiks of rabid progressive ideology and useless teachings. Teachers have broken their vows to educate with integrity and have intentionally transformed their role into one of radical indoctrination and malicious intentions. Powerful and manipulative "agents" of perverted progressive and "woke" ideology have completely "infected" the curriculum being used to alter young minds in the most dreadful ways.

Fortunately, parents around the world are showing signs of a breaking point and fighting back. They are demanding that teachers and school boards focus on traditional themes in education. They are demanding that perverted and obsessive forms of progressive indoctrination (CRT, BLM, climate change pseudo-science, cancel culture, etc.) be removed from a child's academic learning environment and experience.

The article below comes from a doctor and a most caring parent in Sri Lanka. The truth is that these experiences are happening around the world. As you read this doctor's essay you will, no doubt, relate to it. It is a true story about a caring parent's fight for the integrity and protection of his child's right to have a clean, moral, and valuable academic experience. It is a story about the corrosive and hostile nature of school boards, teachers, and curriculum plaguing modern day education. Parents and children around the world are truly facing a broken and vitriolic education system in every sense - school administrators, teachers, and curriculum are all plagued by rabid and unhinged progressive dogma and this must be addressed as a global pandemic, in and of itself.

Preamble by: Extremely American Colin Wright

Essay by: "A Caring Parent and a Doctor"

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A leading ladies’ college in Colombo, Sri Lanka, tells teenage girl that she must sit in class while a graphically pornographic and obscene novel is taught, even though she will not be studying that novel for her exams. The school is an Anglican (Episcopalian) institution founded by the Church Missionary Society in Ceylon.

The subject teacher announced that she has selected The Handmaid’s Tale”, a novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood (1985), for use in the English Literature course, even though the Cambridge International Advanced Level syllabus provides choice for students and offers several more wholesome alternatives. The girl’s father was instantly alerted by the title of the novel since it appeared to be a mockery of the handmaid and her fiat as described in the gospels. Reading through the book revealed that it was highly unsuitable for young formative girls, or for anyone else for that matter.

When the student requested the teacher that an alternative novel be considered, she was told that The Handmaid’s Tale is excellent, and a suggestion was made that the girl drop the entire subject if she was uncomfortable with the unsavory content of it, and the teacher subsequently complained to the principal that the student had been rude in her request.

The father communicated with the teacher to explain why it was not at all excellent as she asserted, but rather the contrary, and a substantial proportion of this communication has reproduced, here, in the hope that it will be useful to others who may face similar situations and for those who wish to help them through with common sense, objectivity, and logic:

· This novel contains lewd and deviant sexual content and that acts of copulation are dramatically and graphically described. It contains swearing and obscene language of the most repugnant type, that I would expect the students of the school are forbidden to use in their conversations and that any self-respecting person would abhor if such language is used in his presence. There are also vile and graphic descriptions of torture and gore - such as the use of shears to cut off women’s breasts. There is further perversity with doctors groping private sections of women’s bodies during a medical examination - and references to sucking penises. The presentation of spirituality in this novel contains of the prayers of women that they may be filled with semen.

· Sadomasochism and lesbianism are alluded to, indulgence in pornography is presented as an amoral norm, that there is a negative and scary depiction concerning the mise-en-scène of giving birth, characters contemplate suicide, and adultery and fornication provide fulfillment to the perpetrators. Even adults of worldly experience, and of far more maturity and resilience than your students, will find this novel despicable – particularly in the context of transfusing its motifs and implications on teen-agers through a year-long study of it.

· Apart from the written text and its disgusting content, the study of it while degrading the minds of vulnerable young girls, will inevitably lead to the introduction into minds still in their formative stages and not accustomed to such a degree of depravity, nor awake to adult sexual ideas and desires, an imagination and outlook that may harm their intellectual and psychological growth and future relationships.

· There are also other themes in this novel such as quasi-Christian fundamentalism, prostitution, manipulation of language, dystopian societies, birth control, abortion, date-rape and more. It may be reasonable to address some of these themes, but it would be justifiable only by using as a tool a novel far less graphic and less explicitly filthy than The Handmaid’s Tale where the obnoxiousness within very text of it cannot be avoided.

· My daughter had previously requested you to consider an alternative text for use in the course. Your response was to ask her to consider dropping the subject if she felt uncomfortable with the lurid content. Feeling uncomfortable when confronted with an assault on innocence would be a normal response considering the natural modesty and purity in a young girl of good conscience. To feel comfortable with vulgarity and pornography would be the exception unless the individual has been inundated with such filth and has become numb to it. However, comfort or lack of it is beside the point. What matters is whether the content you presently intend to expose to the children is suitable, and whether it is edifying or debasing. Will the children benefit from reciting offensive language and composing essays associated with sordid sexual practices and a reductionist outlook on life, or will you corrupt their innocence and permanently damage their personalities? If the themes found in the novel are considered relevant for discussion, cannot more wholesome alternative literature be used to address the themes?

· The purpose of engaging in literature is to appreciate the beauty and potency of a language, and to understand the means and mechanisms employable to inspire sentiments and express opinions through its literature. Study of literature will equip students with the aptitude to understand and critically analyze themes contained within, and gain proficiency in formulating their own opinions using what they absorb from the authors, colored with their own life’s experience, and tempered by a sound moral framework. Students will become able then to clearly articulate their opinions and logically defend them, and to distill and refine them though further exploration and sharing. The ultimate objective should be that armed with such skills your students can be more powerful and influential human beings who may do good in their lives and in the lives of others – more effectively than if they did not achieve this power of knowing, understanding, interpreting, analysis, expression and persuasion.

· To introduce the students to the joy of engaging in literature, the most beautiful and uplifting texts need to be presented to them, certainly in their youth. It is a disgrace to teach them a redemptive promiscuity before they have been shown the beauty of romance, courtship, and marriage. Darker topics could be introduced by a teacher - without resorting to presenting scenes of dried orgasmic fluids on beds and penis sucking, contemplation of gang-rape, and imagery of women killed by hanging and their naked bodies exposed with their legs spread apart as described in The Handmaid’s Tale.

The teacher did not bother to respond but complained to the principal that she is offended when faced with these facts, and the principal made it her mission to defend the “impeccable character and professionalism” of the teacher, rather than address the issue at hand.

The father was invited for a discussion. Here the Principal assembled a panel whose members were either in her pay or under her influence and they discussed and planned in advance what their collective standpoint would be, and then called in the father to face them. The panel articulated that it is good for young girls to be exposed to filth in school under the teacher’s guidance rather than be exposed to it later in life. The principal was explicit in mentioning that it would be better for the girl to have studied “The Handmaid’s Tale” so that when a man asks her in university to suck his penis, she would have been prepared for it in school! The Vice Principal asserted the opinion that “Othello” by Shakespeare was worse “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Neither of them had read the novel.

Even though the subject teacher inquired if the girl was dropping the subject, the decision was made to study another novel privately in order to maintain eligibility for her examinations and obtain the qualification in English Literature, since the syllabus provides this choice of texts to students. Once this was known by the school authorities, they called in the girl and told her that she will not be excused from class when “The Handmaid’s Tale” is being taught. Despite granting the girl the option to study an alternative literary piece for the reasons cited, this student was forced to be present in her class while “The Handmaid’s Tale” was being taught. The present status is that she must sit in and be exposed to this filth, against her will, and contrary to the wishes of her parents. This is an intentional assault on the girl’s dignity, a violation of fundamental rights, and outright harassment that the school requires this of her, that she has no option but to engage in explicit pornography and deviant sexuality, obscene language and perverted concepts in order to gain a high school qualification. What will come to pass if she physically refuses to comply which she will, is yet to be seen.

Essay by: "A Caring Parent and a Doctor"


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