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State Level Plans to Nullify Federal Gun Laws: “A taste of their own medicine”

Preamble - Extremely American high school Youth Leader ML is at it again. In this article, ML provides interesting research and insights into Federal Gun Laws and State level efforts to nullify unconstitutional Federal Gun Laws that are attempting to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. Enjoy the fresh perspective of this topic through the eyes of a well-informed 15-year-old high school student and patriot.

April 24, 2021: Ever since phoney Joe Biden called for tighter laws involving gun control, several Republican States have been looking into passing bills that would nullify any unconstitutional federal attempts to delegitimize The Second Amendment. The current socialist administration running the country plans on starting a buy-back program, limiting the number of guns one can own. The illegitimate Biden administration is also initiating the process of restricting the use of assault rifles for the general population. Because Joe Biden does not have the intellectual ability or capacity to read or memorize The Second Amendment (never mind understand it), he is unaware that his gun policies would completely infringe what is written in The Constitution by the founding fathers of The United States.

The most notable States that have nullified federal laws against marijuana use are California and Colorado (no surprises here). The state of Arizona recently signed a bill preventing law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws that violate The Second Amendment. Several other states (predominantly Republican States) also plan on passing similar bills to that of Arizona Consider the following State level plans to nullify Federal Gun Laws:

(1) States with federal nullification laws in effect: Arizona

(2) States awaiting signatures from their governor for new nullification bills to be passed: Montana, West Virginia

(3) States with nullification bills going through state legislatures: Arkansas (through the State Senate), Missouri (through the State House), South Carolina (through the State House)

(4) States with committees moving nullification bills towards State Legislatures: Texas, Florida, Alabama, New Hampshire

(5) States where similar nullifications bills have been introduced: North Carolina, Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Georgia

These states have committees that understand how The Second Amendment works and would like to preserve it. These States also understand that stricter gun control laws WILL NOT decrease crime and mass shootings. Today, America is already full of legal and illegal firearms and it is not difficult to obtain one either. From the perspective of a Canadian, I can tell you that shootings here in Toronto and across Canada have only been skyrocketing in the last few years despite federal attempts to make firearms harder to obtain. The truth is that bad people who want to do bad things will easily be able to obtain illegal firearms to commit mass shootings – and these bad people have no interest in following the law, firearms related or otherwise.

With the radical Biden administration being in favor of defunding the police (even considering restricting firearms from law enforcement), it is time for Americans to rely on their Second Amendment rights and learn how to protect themselves from radical rioters, thugs, and mentally ill individuals who pose a threat to public safety. A “good guy” with a gun is the best way to stop a “bad guy” with a gun and since law enforcement cannot be everywhere at once, having responsible citizens who are able to carry firearms would save many innocent lives. This point is especially important in times when Democrat States and cities seek to defund our heroes in the police force.

As seen in socialist failures such as the case in Venezuela, their government took away the people’s guns, defunded law enforcement, and used paramilitary (anarchist) thugs to enforce their radical progressive policies. What people do not understand is that the Second Amendment is there so the people can stop a corrupt government from imposing tyranny on its citizens. Having the firepower is one thing but having the strength and the will power to be ready and able to fight back against a threatening government is another. Simply handing over your guns is the same thing as giving up the battle – it gives the government ultimate control knowing that they can do anything they want without worrying about a reasonable and strong response to government tyranny and the threat of a “civil” chain reaction.

If you are a patriot who values your Second Amendment rights and wants to live in a place where those rights will be preserved, then a move to one of these States (listed above) is for you. Learning to shoot and handle a gun responsibly may just become the best way to protect yourself under the Biden administration which is why more States must pass these nullification laws and follow through with the legal process of protecting The Second Amendment to preserve the safety of their people and America all together. By: Extremely American Contributor and Patriotic Youth Leader ML

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24 באפר׳ 2021

First of all, I am extremely impressed with the maturity and depth of knowledge of the young author. Tremendous kudos to the parents and the discipline exhibited by him. Secondly, the second amendment or any amendment to the US constitution should be preserved regardless of whether a citizen chooses to exercise it or not.

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