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Steve Bannon Unloaded on Merrick Garland & FBI Gestapo: "We smoked you out!" (must-see video)

"We Smoked You Out! You’re an Embarrassment! You Make Joe Biden Look Like a Man!” – Steve Bannon UNLOADS on Merrick Garland and FBI ‘Gestapo’

By: Jim Hoft

Long live Steve Bannon!

August 11, 2022: Steve Bannon WENT OFF on an epic rant on Thursday following weasel Attorney General Merrick Garland’s dishonest and disgusting statement on the raid on President Trump’s home on Monday.

Garland earlier admitted the DOJ was responsible for the raid on Mar-a-Lago to retrieve napkins and menus from Trump. It took 30 FBI agents 3 DOJ agents and NINE HOURS to scour the home for evidence in their ongoing fishing expedition.

Steve Bannon unloaded on Garland after his 5-minute elusive statement.

Steve Bannon: “We smoked you out!… You’re an embarrassment. You made Biden look like a man. You got to stand in and own a decision. Don’t sit there with a little humped shoulders and crackling voice, “Oh, and I will not stand by.” Yeah, you will stand by! You’ve got to stand by. How about this – You’re a lawless scumbag. The people around you are lawless scumbags. The FBI is nothing but a new American Gestapo. They’re a bunch of lawless thugs… You’re going to be blown out at the ballot box. Then you’re going to be brought up on charges. Then you’re going to be impeached. Then, criminal charges should be filed against you!

Source: The Gateway Pundit


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