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Support Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis by Boycotting Disney & all other "woke" corporations

April 2, 2022: Many people object to the "toxic rot" that comes with modern day retail and commerce. Most people object vehemently to the filthy tactics of mainstream media, mainstream social media, big tech corporations, big pharma, and the entertainment industry. All this "objection" from the masses while continuing to purchase their services and support their business models.

Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the rare political leaders who is courageously taking on today's corporate and entertainment villains.

Let's be very frank. Disney, Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Nike, the NFL, the NBA, Hollywood, and so on are all part of a larger cabal that is obsessed with radically changing the world by undermining the traditional child-parent relationship. These fake "woke" companies are also safe havens for the predators, super-freaks, and malcontents of society. Companies like Disney are steeped in a tradition of psychological manipulation and abuse of our children - and it is time to stop them in their tracks.

The greatest way to support Governor DeSantis is to speak out against companies like Disney and to boycott them as much as possible.


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